Thursday, 20 October 2011

"Running Around Like A Paycock!"

Yesterday ,The tired Tys got on a bus and headed into town, at about five minutes past nine in the morning.
First we went to a WB.Yeats exhibtion in the Library.It was so intresting to see all of his school reports and his actual writing and books.Then we headed to a Museum where we saw Bog bodies and Alot of intresting things about celtic ireland and Ancient Egypt!
Then we ran around having lunch on grafton street, which was a great 45 minutes , i must say.
Then we all headed off to see " Juno and the Paycock". We read this play in school but seeing it on stage was totally different.I didnt understand Johnnys character until we saw him on stage...
It was a great experience to see it on stage in the Abbey Theatre, and I dont think any TY group have done it?
It was great fun ,and i cant wait for our next TY outing :)

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